How to live long with doing almost NOTING in a very Natural way?

People are doing so many activities to keep the fitness level at the best and always search new things that are easier than previous one because the current principle is not sufficient to get the finest health status. There are plenty of health principles and thoughts getting attraction form the fitness lovers such as walking, running, gym, yoga, healthy or balanced diet and many more. But you can easily find that all the principles and thoughts are consuming your energy not increase.

Just think about a thought that if these all principles help you find the extra energy than try a trick to get the ultimate result. If you walking out form a running track or jogging track and somebody asks you what you got after walking or running here, possibly you will reply that you are feeling fresh and energetic then if he asks you that if you got the sufficient amount of energy then why don’t you try few more round to get more energy? I am sure you will deny his offer after saying that no dear I am tried now, I can’t take any more rounds upon your proposal.

It simply means that all the thoughts and principles are only to consume your energy level, not increase it with any physical activity. Body Recharge Principle says that only and only Nature has capability and system to transfer energy in our body and we the people don’t have any one to make it as easier than Nature. This principle directly belongs to secrets of long life. You can understand how to live long without doing any physical movement, believe me it is the easiest way to live long fighting with disease and disorders.


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